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Vertical Injection and Vertical Clamping

Vertical mold clamping and extrusion, small footprint and high degree of precision. This machine is ideal for extrusion of medium and small products with inclusions.

Vertical Injection and Vertical Clamping
Vertical Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

Vertical Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

Item Code: ABS-VV-Series
Our Vertical Injection Moulding Machine is basically designed for molding of all kinds of Plastic raw materials.We make use of latest technology for the manufacture of the product to ensure the resultant product is of top quality that perfectly matches with the customers requirements. The features of our ABS VV series are as follows :
  • The hydraulic system operates with an enemy saving regulating pump & proportional valve for drive & pressure regulation.
  • Centrally applied high performance hydraulic mould clamping cylinder.
  • Linear transducer for clamping stroke with 1 mm accuracy.
  • Mould closing &opening speed profiles, 4 stages programmable.
  • Programmable closing &opening force.
  • Intermediate stop possible with cfcuing & opening.
  • Monitoring of mould protection time.
  • Hydraulic mould protection regulated.
  • After alarrn "Mould Protection mould can either be stopped or opened.
  • Hydraulic Ejector, Forces, Speeds, Advancement & Retraction delay as Injection Rate cm3/S 40 73 119 well as stroke count (up to 5) programmable.
  • Modular injection unit as complete assembly group.
  • Injection unit equipped with linear transducer of 1 mm accuracy.
  • Four tie-bar type centrally fitted injection unit, vertical.
  • Continuous nozile contact during the complete cycle.
  • Regulated injection speed profile, 5 steps programmable with injection delay.
  • Measurement, display and monitoring of injection time.
  • Switch over to holding pressure as a volume or time dependent function
  • Material cushioning monitoring.
  • Screw circumferential speed display.
  • Open nozzle with screw in tip.
  • Electronically regulated cylinder and nozzle heating.
  • Monitoring of oil temperature &filter contamination.
  • Fine mesh oil filter in the return line
  • Temperature regulator with digital temperature input, integrated in the PLC.
  • Temperature monitoring with tolerance band input regulation mode.
  • Corrosion proof stainless steel material hopper with emptying position.
  • Alarm for hopper emptying.


Other Information

  • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit), Other
  • Port of Dispatch: Bombay
  • Delivery Time: 7 Weeks

Poultry Knife

Item Code: Knife

Vertical insert mouding machine is suitable for "Poultry knife"

Insert molding involves molding plastic around a core or "insert". Most often, the insert is a metal object, such as a pin, blade, threaded rod, electrical contact, wire, etc. The insert could also be made out of another plastic or composite material—virtually anything that can withstand the heat and pressure of the molding process.

Poultry Knife

Diamond Wire Saw Rope

Diamond Wire Saw Rope

Item Code: Rope-1
Model - ABS-VV-100

  • The above machine is suitable for coating
  • We can supply mould and machine as per your requirement.
  • Mould will be two cavity with 7 diamond.

  • Quarrying and block shaping of granites & sand stones

  • Helps obtain maximum yield and drastically reduces waste due to flexibilities; essential when extracting a precious stone.
  • Gives regular shaped block and hence reduces transportation cost.
  • Reduces overall processing time due to accurate cut and minimum subsequent processing needed

Overmoulding Machine

  • Vertical mold clamping and extrusion, small footprint and high degree of precision. This machine is ideal for extrusion of medium and small products with inclusions.
  • Dual-cylinder extrusion system offers high extruding pressure for fast operation, making this extruder your best choice for production of thin items.
  • Direct-pressure mold clamp allows even extrusion force, and the relatively low pressure means maximum precision and an incredibly smooth cycle of operation.
  • Choose a platen or a rotary plate in accordance with the type of products to be extruded, in order to achieve the best possible in feed and extrusion effects.
  • This machine offers a wide range of programmable functions including automatic inclusion, extraction and fully-automatic production.
  • There are also many other control systems that facilitate flexible production and keep costs low while maximizing precision.



Overmoulding Machine

Hanger Making Machine

Hanger Making Machine

Item Code: Hanger
ABS-VV-SERIES is suitable for insert overmoulding

Clamping Unit 
Hydraulic clamping system by modular optimization software designing. Strong clamping with rapid and stable, tomeet the strict clamping condition. 
Automatic mould height adjustment as per the setting clamping force(optional).
Control Unit 
Imported computer special for Injection Molding Machine with multiple functions and precise control processing. 
World famous electrical components and high quality circuit hardware with stable and reliable running. 

Variable Oil Pump Insert Molding Machine 
Upon our own technoIogy ability and advance internationaI technology of variable pump, we research and develop the Variable Oil Pump Injection Molding Machine. This new type energy-saving machine provide more choice for Clients and reaIize our enterprise responsibility. 
Equipped with high efficient low noise and sensitive respond scaling variable displacement oil pump, it makes the hydraulic output always match with the system required power, without extra energy Iose via hiqh pressure throttling or overflow. Comparing with traditionaI machines with fixed oil pump, new machines can save 25-60% energy. Meanwhile reduce the oil working temperature to Iengthen its service life. 
Save Energy and Protect Environment, and gain the benefit of society and economic.

Housing with Inserts

Item Code: Housing

Vertical insert moulding machine is suitable for housing with inserts.

The vertical machines have an inherent advantage for insert molding—allowing the insert to be easily loaded into the mold, maintain a stable position during the molding cycle, and facilitate unloading the finished part after the molding cycle is complete. The insert is placed in the mold before the mold is closed and before raw material is injected. As the hot liquid plastic fills the mold and flows around the insert, it fills “undercut” features in the insert, such as holes, grooves, or bosses, thus securely captivating the insert into the finished part.

Housing with Inserts

Zipper Making Machine

Zipper Making Machine



  • High quality zipper can be produced in a short
  • production cycle time
  • Low Labor Cost: an operator can take care of several
  • machines simultaneously
  • It can change mould and produce various types of plastic zipper
  • Zipper Specification: No. 3, 5, 8, 10, 7 (fine teeth), 25

Competitive Advantages

  • Well and High Quality Control
  • Prompt Delivery

Trade Information

  • Packing: wooden case
  • Dispatch from INDIA

25 Ton Insert Moulding Machine

A Small Range of Plastic Injection Moulding Applications
  • PCB spacers
  • PCB joint blocks
  • Plugs
  • End caps
  • Plug assembles
  • Key pads
  • Electrical parts
  • Leisure goods
  • Model parts
  • Knobs
  • Switches
  • Promotional products
  • Angling products
  • Automotive parts
  • Lighting components
  • Pump parts
  • Medical parts
  • Marine parts
  • Key fobs
  • Boxes
  • Tubs
  • Lids
  • Tupperware
  • Handles
  • Security parts
  • Filters
  • Wheels
  • Pulleys
  • Gears

25 Ton Insert Moulding Machine



Application Areas: Diamond wire saw coating machine, Knife making machine, Plug moulding machine, Screw driver moulding machine, key board making machine, Led making machine, bobbin making machine, lens case making machine, Mobile cover making machine, Tooth brush making machine, Mouse making machine, Push button making machine, Mobile charger making machine. 

What are the steps to insert molding?
  1. A custom-built mold is loaded with inserts. Inserts may be loaded robotically or manually.

  2. Molten plastic is injected into the mold.

  3. Upon cooling, the mold opens and the components are removed.

  4. Components are separated from the sprues and inspected.

  5. Post-molding assembly can include a variety of secondary operations, such as:

    • Die cutting of stampings into discrete circuits

    • Bonding

    • Microsoldering

    • Circuit testing

How can insert molding help me improve my next component?

Insert molding can be a highly efficient alternative to the assembly of discrete parts using soldering, connectors, fasteners, or adhesives. Its benefits over such methods include:

  • Reduced assembly and labor costs
    Because insert molding joins numerous components with thermoplastic, assembly and labor costs are greatly minimized. For example, a single stamping can be overmolded, then perforated to create multiple circuit paths.

  • Reduced size and weight
    By eliminating fasteners and connectors, and by combining the physical strength of resin and metal inserts, insert molding yields smaller and lighter components.

  • Increased reliability
    With every part tightly secured in thermoplastic, an insert molded component prevents part loosening, misalignment, improper terminations, and other problems. The thermoplastic resin also provides improved resistance to shock and vibration.

  • Increased design flexibility
    Designers appreciate the virtually unlimited configurations that insert molding allows. For example, in creating a 3D circuit board, overmolding permits circuitry to move freely through the part, from inside to outside, up walls, down in holes-and the plastic ties it all together.



Led High Speed Injection Molding Machine

High speed LED specialized injection machine: Clamping force 25 to 55Ton, Shot volume 30g to 100,

It is widely used for LED chip, suitable for plastic injection of trace products, micro connector (Inner thickness is less than 0.2mm, weight is less than 0.3g).

Close loop shooting, Accurate shooting control, PPA special material tube group.

Application area:
it is widely used for LED chip, suitable for plastic injection of trace products, micro connector

Led High Speed Injection Molding Machine

25T Wire plug injection

25T Wire plug injection

Wire plug injection machine: 
Clamping force (15Ton ~ 55Ton), it can be produced the American style plug with 1 mold 4 holes, PVC None halogen element, specialized material tube design, it can produce the AC, DC, Adapter, SounderPlugs etc with efficient highly.

Application Area

Used on all kind of plastic product producing such as fastener, connector, tool, label etc. 

25ton Garment Hanging Table Injection

1.  Vertical clamping, adopt dual oil cylinder, high speed mould closing, vertical injection, product with high quality, high precision.

2.  Adopt imported oil pressure accessories, action fast, accurate, steady.

3. Adopt imported oil seal, no oil leaking, long operating life.

4.Professional garment hanging accessory model design, efficiency,  precision, mold include knife, it can cut the thread automatically, operating easier and convenient.

5.Integrated design for garment hanging accessory & golden stamping machine, computer program, instruction clear, operation easy, production efficiency.

25ton Garment Hanging Table Injection

Caster Wheel Making Machine

Standard Features:


  • High pressure & with low noise fixed vane pump.
  • Pressure & flow controlled by proportional valve.
  • Horizontal mould clamping thought high performance V type toggle.
  • High performance mould clamping structure.
  • Suitable for all type’s of mold from small to big size.
  • Sliding clamp vice for mould runner & nozzle hole centre.
  • Hard chrome plated steel tie-bars.
  • Mould clamp pressure & speed controlled by HMI thought linear scale.
  • Mould clamp function up to 4 stage (slow fast slow tonnage).
  • Vertical screw type injection thought high pressure hydraulic cylinder.
  • Injection pressure & speed controlled by HMI thought linear scale.
  • Injection unit manually up-down for mould height settings.
  • Suck back after or before refiling.
  • Large L/D ratio for optimum melts.
  • Screw circumferential speed display.
  • Proven screw geometry for optimum melts homogeneity.
  • Wear & corrosion resistance plasma nitrated screw & barrel.
  • Material barrel designed for mould all kind of plastic raw materials.
  • Center hydraulic ejector.
  • Hydraulic ejector pressure & speed controlled by HMI.
  • Best design for long inserts moulding.
  • Safe, Reliable, Very easy operate machine.
  • Silent & power saving hydraulic power pack.
  • Close tank, suction line & return line filteration.
  • Contractor operated four zone digital temperature controllers.
  • Machine can be operate (1) Manual (2) Semi (3) Fully Auto
  • Electric motor starter with over load relay.
  • Flash proof & power saving moulding.
  • Save material processing charges.
  • Fastest cycle time for get mass production.

Knives Moulding Machine

Knives Moulding Machine

Item Code: ABS-VV

High Pressure Diamond Wire Saw Moulding Machine

High Pressure Diamond Wire Saw Moulding Machine

Inesert Moulding Products

Inesert Moulding Products


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